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For the past 3 years Jongga has held the annual Kimchi Cook-off Event in France and the USA in association with the Korean, French, Californian and Texas Institute’s of Culture and Tourism and the Culinary Institute of America.

The event originated from the well-established Kimchi Festival held in France every year.

The objective of the Kimchi Cook-Off is to share with the world the wonders of Kimchi

The concept is simple!

Submit your original recipe that incorporates (as the main ingredient)
one of the following Jongga branded Kimchi products!

Where to buy?

For online buying in USA

How to Enter?

All the information on how to take part in the competition can be found in our instagram bio.

STEP 1 : Create your Kimchi recipe using one of the four Jongga branded Kimchi products
STEP 2 : Download the application form and fill out the form with all the details
STEP 3 : Submit the form

Recipes must be original and each contestant must be the creator of the dish.
The dishes will be judged on their originality, creativity, presentation and of course their taste!

General rules for entry

Don’t forget that the recipe must be your own kimchi creation and each contestant is limited to only one submission, so make it count!

Finalists will be contacted by e-mail.

Don't hesitate to enter the culinary contest and win a total of 10,000$ in prizes.

During the event, the finalists will be required to compete by preparing their creations in-person in front of our judges before the winners are announced as part of our awards ceremony🎉

On the day of the final, all dishes must be prepared on-site with Jongga supplying all the necessary ingredients.


The event hosts and organisers reserve the right to use all recipes, photographs and videos taken at the event (including recipes submitted for consideration). Photographs and video maybe used in publications and other media used by the hosts and organisers, such media may include social media posts, newspapers, television and on associated websites and does not require written permission from the applicants.

We will of course ensure the privacy of individuals and children and will not include names or personal information without prior consent from the relevant parent, guardian or subject.

Any person attending the event who does not want to have their image recorded or photographed can contact the event organisers.

Also, any person or organisation not affiliated with the event may not use, copy or alter any JONGGA Kimchi Cook-off photos, graphics, media or recordings without prior permission.

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