Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented food and representative Korean dish


Kimchi is seasoning salted vegetables and fermented to consume vegetables during the cold winter to spring.
Kimchi is a long-term storage food that can be eaten for several years if you kept sealed at low temperatures. Matured kimchi and it gets sour and tasty with time. Koreans can eat fresh and nutritious vegetables with each region of the country developing their own unique take on this Korean classic.


Traditionally, Kimchi was made once in a year during harvest season and was a time when whole village came together and share as part of an event called Kimjang, which they would make huge batches to sustain them through the long and harsh winters and was fermented underground in the special jar named Jangdokdae.

Nowadays Koreans have Kimchi refrigerators in place of the Jandokdae.


Kimchi combines 5 key Korean flavour: Sour, Bitter, Salty, Sweet and Spicy.

The taste varies based on the level of fermentation, where it is made: with most regions having their own take on it and personal preference. It is the most Korean-style Korean dish.

Now the Kimchi you are most likely to see in your supermarket is full of spice and flavours while other popular variations include non-spicy white kimchi, radish kimchi, cucumber kimchi and green onion kimchi, meaning there is one for every palate!

Anything is Possible!

People also use almost every ingredients like pineapples, asparagus, tomato, and even truffles!!

Now it’s your turn create your own
Kimchi recipe!

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